Karen Shirakawa Gets Rope Bound And Forcefully Fucked

Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 01See Karen Shirakawa Being Forcefully Fucked In Bondage Here.

Saki Karen Shirakawa is just one of many girls who are currently being held captive in the basement of Mondo64 Studios. For just 2,500,00 yen, any paying customer can have their way with her while still being able to maintain their animosity. This underground sex slave industry attracts many clientele from Yakuza members to Japanese politicians on a daily basis. Karen Shirakawa herself has been fucked by lowest scum to the most powerful men in Japanese government ever since she’s been abducted. No matter their place in life, everyone who pays for time with Karen ties her up and fucks her with violent ferocity. Even after months of captivity and sexual abuse, Karen Shirakawa is still a screamer, making her all the more fun to play with.

Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 02 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 03 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 04 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 05

This collection of exclusive and uncensored photos of comes from Mondo 64 case file 049. They depict Karen Shirakawa tied up in a rope chest harness with both her arms tied behind her back. Karen herself is a cute, skinny, and beautiful Japanese MILF who’s body is still firm and tight. A Mondo 64 client fucks her face and makes her deepthroat his cock until her face turns blue and she chokes. Frightened and desperate, Karen pleads the man not to rape and punish her like all the others, but ultimatum he fucks her in bondage anyway. She can barely keep herself from breaking down and crying as the man pulls out and blows a load on her face and lips. Before the cum can even dry fast to her face, a Mondo64 staffer drags her trembling body off to the showers where he hoses all the cum off her face before returning her to her cage.

Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 07 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 08 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 09 Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 11

So how long will Karen Shirakawa endure the horrors of being a Mondo64 sex slave? Will she ever see her husband and kids again, or is she destined to be a cum dumpster forever? You’ll have to visit Asian Ropes if you want to get the answers to these questions. Not only can you see the conclusion of Karen Shirakawa’s misadventure, but you can see thousands of other submissive Japanese sex slaves being fucked in extreme BDSM pictures and videos.

Mondo64 Case File 049 Karen Shirakawa 12See Karen Shirakawa’s uncensored Japanese bondage gallery here.

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