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Kaori Miyanaga is a relatively new face in the Japanese AV Idol scene, so unfortunately there isn’t much information to be found about her. We can tell you that her height is 162 cm’s tall, with a 82 cm bust, 62 cm waist, and 96 cm hips. Unlike most AV Idols working out of Japan, nearly all of Kaori’s porn scenes are completely free of mosaic censorship. A vast majority of her work has featured on uncensored websites like Fellatio Japan, Handjob Japan, and Tokyo Face Fuck. Kaori Miyanaga has also made 8 appearances in censored JAV Idol DVD titles as well. Some of her best DVD’s are Extreme Scat Bullying, Human Face Toilet, I Took A Dump On My Boss, Panty Daydream, and Sleeping Girls Panties. And in case you’re wondering about the titles of these movies, yes Kaori is a big fan of scat and fecal play.

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I’m sure that you’ll agree that Kaori Miyanaga’s has to looks and body to make a living as a real model or celebrity, but she’s harboring a dark secret. Her fetishes include being tied up in bondage, sexually humiliated, and violently face fucked like a sex slave. A man can practically do anything he wants to her, because Kaori is as dark and perverted as a Japanese woman can get. Kaori’s only skill in life is milking cocks with her tiny wet esophagus. So if you ever happen to see her walking down the street, feel free to force her on her knees and brutally ram your dick down her throat. She’ll happily allow you to face fuck her until you blow a huge load of warm cum all over her face.

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Tokyo Face Fuck is the source website to see today’s uncensored deepthroat blowjob scene of Kaori Miyanaga in its entirety, but not the only place you can find her. Please refer to the first paragraph of this post for links to the three uncensored websites that she regularly performs on. If you’re more interested in seeing her censored DVD material, including her scat movies, R18 would be your best and cheapest option for getting your Kaori Miyanaga fix.

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