Mai Aida Abducted And Sexually Violated With Toys

Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 04See Mai Aida’s Uncensored BDSM Orgasm Torture Here.

We’re long overdue for some more authentic and uncensored Japanese bondage, so let’s just jump right into it. Today’s free Japanese bondage gallery is a forced orgasm scene featuring Mai Aida from Mondo 64’s case file 088. Like most other Mondo 64 productions, this movie starts with Mai being chloroformed and abducted by men dressed in all black. When she finally regains her consciousness, Mai finds herself tied to a section of chain linked fence bolted to a concrete basement wall. Completely helpless, Mai Aida must try to endure the physical torment and mental humiliation of being forced to orgasm by her perverted kidnappers.

Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 05 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 06 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 08 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 09

Mai screams at the top of her lungs as the three attackers tear off her clothing piece by piece, but her efforts are in vain. Nobody hears her cries, and her distress only arouses the sick bastards that torment her even more. Two of the men take turns pinching Mai Aida’s nipples and fingering her hairy Asian pussy as the third man leaves the room. When the third man finally returns, he’s carrying a giant box full of filthy used sex toys with him. All three men dive in and riffle through the box, grabbing what ever sex toys they think will stimulate Mai’s unwilling body the best. With their new arsenal of vibrators and dildos in hand, these three perverts spend the rest of the night forcing their victim to orgasm until she looses consciousness from fatigue.

Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 10 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 12 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 14 Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 15

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Mondo64 Case File 088 Mai Aida 16See more Mai Aida in this Japanese BDSM gallery.

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