Reiko Yabuki’s Gets Abducted And Tortured With Sex Toys

Mondo64 Case File 039 Reiko Yabuki 01See Reiko Yabuki Abducted And Violated In This Bondage Gallery.

Reiko Yabuki is a beautiful Japanese woman who is about to find herself in a truly dire situation. While spending the evening drinking in the city, she unknowingly catches the eyes of a Mondo64 scout. Reiko is unknowingly served a mixed drink by a stranger, and shortly after her head begins to spin. Being out by herself, nobody notices that she has been drugged and is in need of help. Nobody notices as her drunken slumped body gets tossed in the back of van without any plates or registration stickers. The fear that she’s about to become another missing person paralyzes her brain as she looses consciousness from the drugs.

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When Reiko Yabuki wakes up from her drug induced haze, she finds herself bound up in the infamous basement recording studios of Mondo64. With her arms tied behind her back and suspended in the air by a kinbaku rope harness, Reiko is completely helpless. She now face to face with three sadistic perverts that will alter her life forever. Reiko is now being inducted to Mondo64’s stable of sexy Japanese women who are being trained to be obedient sex slaves.

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But before Reiko Yabuki’s body can be bought and sold, she needs to be broken and humiliated in a series of Mondo64 PPV streams. This will give potential clients of her services the chance to examine her body and behavior before they buy. A lot of Mondo64’s clients love getting a piece of the new girls, because they scream and squirm around more while they’re being sexually violated. Other clients seem to prefer women who stay silent and are totally obedient, which is the state most women are in when Mondo64 staffers break them. Reiko Yabuki’s friends and family will probably never even find out that she’s been kidnapped and forced into a life of a kinbaku bondage and forced prostitution.

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