Japanese Kidnapping Victim Rika Kudo Forced To Orgasm

Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 03See Kidnapping Victim Rika Kudo Being Forced To Orgasm Here.

It been a little over three weeks since a missing persons report was filed for Rika Kudo. She vanished off the streets one night while returning home from work, and her family has been searching for her ever since. Unbeknownst to her family and the Japanese authorities, she has been kidnapped and imprisoned in the Mondo64 studios. Since her arrival, Rika has been repeatedly tied up, abused, sexually assaulted, and humiliated on a daily basis. Her torment being watched by thousands via an illegal internet PPV stream. Unfortunately for her, nobody Mondo64 has kidnapped has ever been found. Rika will continue to be used like a little fuck doll for many more years to come.

Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 04 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 05 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 07 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 10

In these photos, Rika Kudo is bound to an office chair by hemp rope. The ropes restrain her hand behind her head, and the ropes on her legs spread wide open. She is completely helpless to defend herself from what is about to happen to her. When the doors open a group of men who’ve now become familiar to her enter the room. These are the perverted staff workers of Mondo64, and they’re armed with and assortment of camera’s and sex toys. Rika begins to quiver as fear as her mind goes into panic mode. The sex toys begin to hum as the group of perverted men surround her with sinister smiles on their faces.

Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 11 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 12 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 13 Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 14

These Mondo64 staffers begin to finger Rika Kudo’s pussy and violently grope her helpless nude body. The more she screams and tries to resist them, only makes her attackers more aggressive towards her. Feeding on her fears, these men want to break Rika Kudo minde and turn her into a silent and obedient sex slave. The pervert group now starts violating Rika Kudo’s body with vibrating sex toys until she’s forcibly made to have multiple squirting orgasms. Horrified and humiliated by her bodies reaction to unwanted stimulation, her real nightmare is only just beginning. These Mondo64 staffers aren’t going to stop playing with bound Rika Kudo until she blacks out entirely.

Mondo64 Case File 055 Rika Kudo 16See Rika Kudo’s full sixteen image bondage gallery here.

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