Japanese Sex Slave Saki Miyo Being Used For Breeding

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Saki Miyu is a beautiful Japanese girl whom plenty of guys would love to have an opportunity to get pregnant. None of these said guy’s actually want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a relationship and raising a child, but the thrill of impregnating a pretty young girls still excites them. Mondo 64 understands these men better than anyone, and that’s why they have a slave breeding program to these men willing to pay a premium price. For 2,500,00 yen, a man has the option to select any sex slave from the holding cells in Mondo 65 basement, and then he can fuck her as many times as it takes him to get her pregnant. In today’s free Japanese bondage gallery you will be treated to 16 uncensored photos of Saki Miyu being used as one of these bondage breeding slaves.

Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 03 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 04 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 05 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 06

These exclusive and uncensored photos of Saki come from Mondo 64 case file 139. They depict Saki tied up wear a rope chest harness, with a noose around her neck, and both her wrists tied together. Saki herself is a petite, young, and beautiful Japanese girls who’s got a tight shaven pussy. A Mondo 64 handler keeps her under control (while having a little fun of his own), as a paying man tries to get her pregnant. Frightened and not wanting to be hurt or punished, Saki Miyu is surprising obedient as she gets fucked in bondage. The only time she breaks down and looses her composure is when the man fucking her creampies her hairless Asian pussy.

Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 11 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 12 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 14 Mondo64 Case File 139 Miyu 15

So does Saki Miyu get pregnant from this encounter, or will this man cum inside her once again? And what happens to her and her child after she eventually does become pregnant? You’ll have to head on over to Asian Ropes if you want the answers to these questions. Not only can you see the conclusion of Saki Miyu’s epic saga, but you can see thousands of other submissive sex slaves being fucked in BDSM pictures and videos.

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