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Mina Manabe Gets Kidnapped, Shackled, And Molested

Mina Manabe Kidnapped And Molested 01See More In Mina Manabe’s Full Kidnapping Gallery.

Today we’re following two Mondo 64 staff workers as they venture around Tokyo looking for new girls to kidnap. They prowl the dark streets and alleyways, waiting for a pretty victim who looks vulnerable. Before long, these sexual predators become fixated on Mina Manabe, a beautiful young woman leaving work and heading home. The two men spend several minutes stalking Mina as she leaves the well lite shopping district and heads down a dark side street. Sneaking up on Mina from behind, the two attackers grab her by the hair and quickly drag her into an alleyway. One man grapples Mina so she can’t run away, and the other man holds a chloroform soaked rag over her face. The attack is so sudden that Mina doesn’t even have time to scream. Her eyes roll in to the back of her head and she looses consciousness.

Mina Manabe Kidnapped And Molested 03 Mina Manabe Kidnapped And Molested 04 Mina Manabe Kidnapped And Molested 05 Mina Manabe Kidnapped And Molested 06

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Takamine Forced To Orgasm In Leg Suspension Bondage

Mondo64 Case File 112 Takamine Miria 01Sixteen Uncensored Photos Of Takamine Miria In Bondage.

Being forced to orgasm against her will is probably one the worst things that a woman can experience. Unfortunately, this is something that Takamine Miria is going to have to endure. She had a little too much fun at the club last night, and someone ended up slipping her a ruffie. The next thing she knows, Takamine is waking up in the underground Mondo64 porn studios, and now a new nightmare is about to begin. Despite all the resistance she can give them, Takamine will be bound, humiliated, and molested by some of the sickest perverts in Japan. To make things even worse, her sexual torture will be broadcast live on a secret internet pay-per-view stream.

Mondo64 Case File 112 Takamine Miria 03 Mondo64 Case File 112 Takamine Miria 04 Mondo64 Case File 112 Takamine Miria 05 Mondo64 Case File 112 Takamine Miria 06

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Tsukishima Is Forced To Orgasm While In Bondage

Mondo64 Case File 054 Tsukishima 02See More Japanese Bondage In These Forced Orgasm Pictures.

Sexual humiliation is probably the best method of breaking a resistant Japanese girls will, and turning her in to an obedient sex slave for your pleasure. Let’s take the unfortunate story of Tsukishima here for an example. She has been kept in captivity for nearly three weeks now, and her opposition towards her tormentors has been almost completely shattered. In fact, the only noticeable trace of resistance left is Tsukishima personal struggle to keep her body from having orgasms against her will. Regrettably, Tsukishima’s new masters have taking interest in forcing her to have multiple orgasms for their amusement. What’s even worse is the fact that these sexual criminals are photographing and streaming their humiliating acts of torment live on the internet!

Mondo64 Case File 054 Tsukishima 03 Mondo64 Case File 054 Tsukishima 04 Mondo64 Case File 054 Tsukishima 05 Mondo64 Case File 054 Tsukishima 06

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Japanese Teen Swimsuit Bondage And Forced Orgasm

Mondo64 Case File 087 Ayumi Kuramochi 02See More Forced Orgasm Pictures In This Uncensored Gallery.

If you fancy skinny Japanese teenagers in bondage, then this uncensored BDSM gallery featuring Ayumi Kuramochi will surely put a smile on your face. Sitting on a bondage table with her arms and legs tightly bound by rope, she is now just a helpless fuck toy that has to endure countless hours of sexual torment. Every humiliating act of molestation and traumatizing orgasm she’s forced to endured will be captured in high-definition photos and video for Mondo 64’s case file 087. There is nothing sexier than a flat chested Japanese girl trashing around in a torn swimsuit, as vibrating sex toys make her body climax against her will. When her abductors are finally finished playing with their new toy,  Ayumi Kuramochi’s eyes look completely vacant as her skinny young body involuntarily convulses in a puddle of her own pussy juice.

Mondo64 Case File 087 Ayumi Kuramochi 03 Mondo64 Case File 087 Ayumi Kuramochi 04 Mondo64 Case File 087 Ayumi Kuramochi 05 Mondo64 Case File 087 Ayumi Kuramochi 06

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Kaho Kuratani Suffers In Sexually Humiliating Bondage

Mondo64 Case File 140 Kaho Kuratani 01Kaho Kuratani Gets Sexually Humiliated in these bondage photos.

Kaho Kuratani was an ordinary everyday Japanese woman who was walking home from work one day, and then her life changed forever. She was drugged and abducted right off of the streets of Tokyo in broad daylight. When she awoken from her drug induced haze, she was naked, tightly bound to a chair with her legs spread, and had masked men pointing video cameras at her. unbeknownst to her, Kaho Kuratani was about to become an underground internet porn star. Held in captivity, she’ll spend the next several years of her life being sexually humiliated in illegally broadcasted Japanese bondage internet pay-per-view events.

Mondo64 Case File 140 Kaho Kuratani 02 Mondo64 Case File 140 Kaho Kuratani 04 Mondo64 Case File 140 Kaho Kuratani 05 Mondo64 Case File 140 Kaho Kuratani 06

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Japanese Bondage Slave Force Fed Cock

Sakura Kiryu - Tokyo Face Fuck

Welcome back Japanese bondage fans. Today is a very special day, this is Sakura Kiryu’s first time getting bound and face fucked! Her hands are tied together and shes forced to suck dick in these exclusive scenes from Tokyo Face Fuck. Her pleads for mercy are silenced as she’s constantly being gagged by a hard cock! Everybody seems to have loved the last bondage blowjob I’ve posted, well this one is even better!  Don’t miss this hot Japanese girl getting her throats banged and abused by her brutal master.

Japanese Urinal Blowjob Bondage Slave

Bound Japanese Deepthroating

Nami Himemura is a JAV Idol with big luscious tits who isn’t afraid of kinky rope bondage. Check out these videos where she becomes a blowjob bondage slave in a men’s bathroom. Tied up between two urinals she endures humiliating bondage as guys piss all over her and then fuck her face. Sure enough after soaking her with Japanese pee this guy rams his dick down her throat and makes her choke. Watch her plump titties jiggle as this Asian sex slave gags in extreme deepthroat bondage porn.

Japanese Pig Nose Facial Distortion

Japanese Bondage Movies

Young Japanese schoolgirl is abducted and turned into a sex slave. Bound Japanese teen is humiliated with nose hooks and reduced to a cum hog. Tied up Dorei girl is cummed on repeatedly in forced slave bukkake. Tokyo teen is now a worthless cum receptacle.