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Japanese Ayumi Used As A Basement Sex Slave

Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 01Sixteen Photos Of Ayumi Used As A Basement Sex Slave.

Ayumi is another one of those unfortunate women who’ve somehow ended up as a sex slave in the basement of Mondo64 studios. Just like Nozomi, she spends most of her day locked in cell, waiting for customers to have paid bondage sex with her. Ayumi has been tied up, abused, and violated hundreds of times during the past 4 years that she’s been kept in captivity. As a result of enduring so much mental and physical torment, Ayumi is now just a broken women who no longer puts up any physical resistance. With her stunning good looks and the ability to lay there and take it, Ayumi is has become one of the biggest income earners for the underground pimps at Mondo64.

Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 03 Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 04 Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 05 Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 06

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Basement Sex Slave Nozomi Takes A Creampie In Bondage

Nozomi's Basement Sex Slave Creampie 01Sixteen Photos Of Nozomi Creampied In Bondage.


Nozomi's Basement Sex Slave Creampie 03 Nozomi's Basement Sex Slave Creampie 04 Nozomi's Basement Sex Slave Creampie 05 Nozomi's Basement Sex Slave Creampie 06

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Japanese Rope Bondage And Forced Sex

Uncensored Japanese Bondage Videos

Check out this kinky forced sex videos from the Air-Hostess Love BDSM DVD. Our friends over at AMP are providing this phenomenal Japanese rope bondage scene that stars Yuko Katsuragi. As you might have guessed she’s a beautiful Airline Hostess who’s been drugged, bound, and kidnapped by a sadistic pervert. She knows her only hope is to do everything her captor tell her too, but she’s still reluctant when he tells her to give him head. After being throat fucked for a couple minutes, Yuko Katsuragi becomes the submissive Japanese sex slave her kidnapper wants her to be.  He tears of her underwear and violently thrust his cock deep inside of her, fear and pleasure sweep over Yuko’s body as she experience violent bondage sex for the very first time. What will become of this beautiful Air-Hostess when her master becomes bored with her?

Bound Japanese Sex Slave

Japanese Bondage Sex

Right now bound Japanese sex slave Miku is being violated and used by her captors. This gorgeous Asian woman never expected to be abducted and used like a sex toy, but that’s what fate had in store for her. Her life is never ending bound sex. Perverts take their turn fucking her face and pussy without mercy. This helpless Asian slave girl gets bound with rope and fucked until she receives a pussy creampie!

Uncensored Japanese Bondage Sex

Japanese Bondage Porn

You’ve seen her get violated by sex toys, now Miki is back for some Japanese bondage sex! See this pale young Asian girl bound tight with rope, as a dick is shoved down her throat. It doesn’t stop with a bondage throatjob, she’s put on her knees with her arms tied behind her back, then fucked doggy style.  Helpless Japanese girl submits to bound sex with her captors.  Asian sex slave Miki gets a bondage creampie.

Japanese Bondage Rope Suspension

Real Japanese Bondage Videos

Helpless Japanese girl has now become another worthless sex slave. Her will is broken as she is suspended from the ceiling and tortured with hot wax. With escape impossible she bends to her captors will and becomes a fuck puppet. Rope bound Japanese slave is brutally face fucked as she hangs in the air. Brutal Japanese porn videos.

Asanawa Gyaku-Ebi Tsuri Kinbaku Juujun

Juujun Tsuri Kinbaku

Need some help deciphering the title of this post? Maybe it’s time for some Japanese language lessons.

Asanawa = Hemp Rope
Gyaku-Ebi = Face Down, Hogtied
Tsuri = Suspension
Kinbaku = Bondage
Juujun = Obedient, Slave

I hope you can remember these words, and feel a little bit smarter now. Let’s just sum up what were seeing here in English. A submissive Japanese girl is hogtied suspended and getting her throat fucked… that doesn’t sound as sophisticated as “Asanawa Gyaku-Ebi Tsuri Kinbaku Juujun” does it? Haha!! Enjoy yet another awesome Japanese bondage video!

Japanese Shibari Real Suspension Kinbaku

Karada Slave Hanging From Rafters

Sexy Jujun beauty is suspended in the air by ropes. Rope shibari on lovely Japanese sex slaves. Cute girls are bound and violated by sex crazed perverts. See a helpless girl in a karada rope harness dangling from the ceiling by Tsuri. Japanese AV Idol’s submit to rope fantasy perversions. Real Japanese Kinbaku videos. Download full lenght DVD titles now!