Japanese Ayumi Used As A Basement Sex Slave

Ayumi Used As A Sex Slave 01Sixteen Photos Of Ayumi Used As A Basement Sex Slave.

Ayumi is another one of those unfortunate women who’ve somehow ended up as a sex slave in the basement of Mondo64 studios. Just like Nozomi, she spends most of her day locked in cell, waiting for customers to have paid bondage sex with her. Ayumi has been tied up, abused, and violated hundreds of times during the past 4 years that she’s been kept in captivity. As a result of enduring so much mental and physical torment, Ayumi is now just a broken women who no longer puts up any physical resistance. With her stunning good looks and the ability to lay there and take it, Ayumi is has become one of the biggest income earners for the underground pimps at Mondo64.

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Ayumi lays one a filthy cum stained mattress, knowing about and waiting for what’s about to happen to her. She doesn’t plan to put up an resistance, but still her hands have been tied together at the wrists. She also has a length of rope tied around her neck that could be used as a collar or possibly for choking her. Two men soon enter the room and begin man handling the docile Ayumi as she just lays there emotionless. She barely squirms or makes a sound as both men violently grope her breasts and slap her pussy red. Ayumi complies with all their demands, spreading her legs for one man while giving the other a handjob.

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Her body doesn’t resist, even when strangers stick their cocks inside of her without putting on condoms. Whether obediently riding a man from on top, or laying on the floor taking abuse, Ayumi’s expression is always like that a lifeless doll. The two men take their time enjoying Ayumi’s obedience, tying her up in various bondage poses and treating her like a worthless fuck toy. One of the guys finally climaxes without pulling out, filling Ayumi’s warm cunt with his sloppy creampie. This doesn’t deter the second man at all, he sticks his unprotected dick inside Ayumi’s cum filled pussy and gives her another creampie. Both men then put their cloths back on and leave the room. Ayumi lies lifeless on the floor waiting the cleanup crew to wash her down and take her back to her prison cell.

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