A Bound Japanese Girl Gets Assaulted With Sex Toys

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Is there anything better than seeing a hot Japanese girl being tied up and sexually violated? The crew of Mondo 64 would without a doubt answer that question with a “no.” After all, the money funding Mondo 64’s underground empire is made entirely from the broadcasting of women being sexually violated on internet PPV’s.  Thousands of Japanese men log into the secret M64 servers every night to see the latest victims being humiliated, molested, and tortured for their viewing pleasure. With their basement sex dungeon overflowing with beautiful kidnapping victims, Mondo 64’s empire will undoubtedly continue the grow at the expense of their victims.

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In the broadcast labeled “Mondo64 Case File 116” a beautiful Japanese girl named Rika was the featured victim of the night. She was bound by the arms and legs and then ruthlessly assaulted with a multitude of kinky sex toys. Seated in what looks like a comfortable leather couch, Rika certainly didn’t find herself in a relaxing situation. Her arms were restrained by the wrists to the chairs headrest, and her legs were tied together individually thigh to calf and spread wide apart. Fully exposed and utterly helpless, Rika’s trimmed Asian pussy is the prime target for punishment.

Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 11 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 12 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 14 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 15

With a series of vibrating eggs taped to her thighs and nipples, Rika is filmed squirming and writhing around by herself for a couple of minutes. Eventually, three creeps wearing all black, sunglasses, and latex gloves surround the frightened woman. With an arsenal of dirty sex toys used on many women, the trio begins to grope and probe Rika’s helpless quivering body. While she as able to resists her bodies urges to orgasm at first, one of Mondo 64’s homemade devices was finally able to break her. A large floppy dildo affixed to a high powered jigsaw proves to be more than Rika can psychologically endure. Her restrained body forced into violent spasms as horror and tears fill her eyes. This diabolical sex machine is the perfect tool to make even the most resilient slaves orgasm against their wills.

Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 16Rika gets violated from head to toe in this Japanese bondage gallery.

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