AV Idol Miku Natsukawa Forced To Orgasm In Bondage

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Miku Natsukawa is the next victim about to be sexually humiliated in basement dungeon of Mondo64 studios. Her unconscious body has already been restrained and all the performers are now on set. The camera’s are primed and are ready to film the traumatizing plight as it’s streamed live on internet PPV. Mondo64 even has a photographer present to take photos of Miku’s body from every angle as she’s being helplessly violated. The warm lights are on and illuminating the set; consisting of the makeshift bondage table Miku is sitting on, an arsenal of sex toys, and lots and lots of lube. Everyone is just patiently waiting for Miku to regain consciousness so the show can finally begin.

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Miku begins to murmur and flutter her eyes as she struggles to awaken from a drug induced haze. Confused and unable to focus her vision, all that she knows is that she can’t move and there’s a buzzing sound in the room. The buzz gets increasingly louder and suddenly she feels a tingling sensation on her breast. She tries to open her eyes to see whats going on, but all she can see is bright lights and blurry figures. Miku is still trying to figure out what this buzzing tingling sensation is, when it suddenly starts to move around her breasts in a circular motion. Even more confused than ever, Miku suddenly figures out whats going on when two hands grab her tits.

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The buzzing sound is a vibrator and Miku now realizes that she’s being sexually violated. Miku tries to thrash around and scream, but the drugs only allow her to roll her head and mumble. The vibrator sounds and tingling sensations move down her body and soon find their way in between her legs. Miku is still unable to see or move, but her body can feel everything that’s happening to it. First she is lubed up and stimulated through her underwear with a toy. Then her tight pussy is vigorously explored by the fingers of multiple men. Finally she is penetrated by a rubber dildo affixed to a power tool and forced to orgasm and squirt. Miku is living through a psychological hell, not being able to see her paralyzed body as it quivers in pleasure against her will. Find out what happens next on Asian Ropes.

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