Mina Manabe Gets Kidnapped, Shackled, And Molested

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Today we’re following two Mondo 64 staff workers as they venture around Tokyo looking for new girls to kidnap. They prowl the dark streets and alleyways, waiting for a pretty victim who looks vulnerable. Before long, these sexual predators become fixated on Mina Manabe, a beautiful young woman leaving work and heading home. The two men spend several minutes stalking Mina as she leaves the well lite shopping district and heads down a dark side street. Sneaking up on Mina from behind, the two attackers grab her by the hair and quickly drag her into an alleyway. One man grapples Mina so she can’t run away, and the other man holds a chloroform soaked rag over her face. The attack is so sudden that Mina doesn’t even have time to scream. Her eyes roll in to the back of her head and she looses consciousness.

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When Mina regains consciousness, she finds herself laying on a futon mattress with her hands shackled together. Instead of two men, she’s now at the mercy of four. Two of them intend to sexually torment her, while the other two film and photograph the whole ordeal. Still hazy from the chloroform, Mina doesn’t put up much resistance at first, but things change after the drugs wear off. She now screams at the top of her lungs and thrashes around as the men tear at her clothing and grope her body. The men now pull Mina’s underwear to the side and spread hairy pink pussy open for the cameras. They all take turns finger fucking and eating Mina out as she squirms around in total disgust.

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Now the two men pull out some toys to torment the restrained Mina even further. They intend to end Mina’s first Mondo 64 session with the ultimate humiliation a woman can endure. They’re going to force her to orgasm over and over until she looses consciousness again. With the aid of a vibrating egg on her clit, the men quickly get Mina’s pussy dripping wet. She tries to resist with all her mental strength, but her violated body can’t endure any more stimulation. Mina begins to convulse and cry out as she starts orgasming against her will. Eventually her cries and convulsion come to end, and Mina slips back in to a black unconsciousness void. When she wakes up, she’ll find herself muzzled and locked in a jail cell. Paralyzed by the fear of what might happen next, Mina is one step closer to become a broken sex slave Mondo 64 wants her to be.

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