Asian Barbie Doll Misa Tachibana In Bondage

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Mondo64, the studio who always impresses us, has outdone themselves once again. This time around they’ve captured a new girl off the streets who looks like a real life Asian Barbie Doll. Her name is Misa Tachibana and just like the Barbie Doll toys, there isn’t a single flaw to be found on her body. It’s those stunning good looks of hers that made her the perfect target for Mondo64 scouts. A girl like Misa always makes the perfect sexual plaything for any man, whether she be willing or not.  Abducted from a nightclub after being slipped some ruffies, Misa Tachibana is about to awaken into a new living nightmare. A lifetime of being used like a worthless sex doll on the internet all for the profit of Mondo64!

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When Misa Tachibana awakens from a night of drinking, she doesn’t find herself in her bedroom. Instead she’s shackled and chained in a dark basement room wearing only her underwear from the night before. Three men wearing all black cloths, rubber gloves, and sunglasses enter the room before Misa can even cry for help. She instantly recognizes that these are all guys that she rejected at the club the night before. They’re actually all Mondo64 recruiters who orchestrated a devious plan to abduct Misa and turn her into an underground sex slave. Like all recruitment abductions, the abducting party gets first dibs on the fresh meat. This means that all three guys that Misa Tachibana rejected last night get to play with her first and break her in.

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The first thing any rejected pervert wants to do in a kidnapping is violate what the victim refused to give them. All three men team up to grope and molest Misa’s body as she screams and struggles to break free from the straps and chains that restrain her. They cover her tone naked body in warm oil while stimulating her most sensitive body parts with powerful vibrating sex toys. Using their rubber gloved hands, the creeps then shove six vibrating eggs up her tight little pussy and turn them up to max power. The trio continues to finger, grope, molest, and violate every orifice on Misa Tachibana’s body until the fear and stimulation is to much for her to bear. Her body violently quivers and she lets out one final scream before pissing herself and loosing consciousnesses.

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