Ren’s Humiliating Bondage And Orgasm Torture Photos

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By now you’ve probably figured out how Mondo 64 studios earns a majority of it’s income. This underground empire is funded by the live pay-per-view streaming of captured Japanese woman being sexually humiliated. The woman they imprison are first forced to orgasm in a series of videos to build up their fan base. Once a girl becomes popular in the live stream, she is then thrown in to a rotation of being rented out as a prostitute. Once a girl begins to loose her popularity, or if the right offer comes along, she can also be sold as a sex slave. In almost every case a majority of the income Mondo 64 makes is through the streaming video service.

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Ren is the kind of girl that Mondo 64 producers love to get their hands on. She’s a loud screamer that squirms around frantically no matter how many times she’s restrained and violated. Speaking of restraints, today Ren is shackled to a bondage chair with wrist cuffs and her legs are bound and spread eagle with bondage tape. With no way to defend herself, Ren must endure the constant assault from a multitude of vibrating sex toys. Her pussy is lubed up and then systematically violated by vibrating dildos and maniacal hand made sex toys.

Mondo64 Case File 129 Ren 08 Mondo64 Case File 129 Ren 09 Mondo64 Case File 129 Ren 10 Mondo64 Case File 129 Ren 11

Ren puts on a great performance as always. Quivering in fear and screaming out in anguish as she probed over and over again. Her sweaty naked body goes in to violent convulsion as she’s forced to orgasm until she squirts. Ren yells out like a woman being murdered as she reaches the peak of her endurance. Now dehydrated, physically exhausted, and psychologically broken, Ren slips in to unconsciousness as her limp body continues to be treated like a play thing.

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