Japanese Sex Slave Gets Fucked By Three Men

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Ri Ri is a beautiful Japanese girl that has been kept in Mondo 64’s captivity for several months now. All the acts of sexual torment inflicted upon her during that time have left Ri Ri a broken woman. No longer resilient enough to put up a fight, she is now part of the sex slave rotation. Fan’s that watched Ri Ri being violated on streaming internet PPV’s can now get a piece of her ass first hand. Day after day, Ri Ri is knocked unconscious with a slapjack and tossed into a dingy room where paying clients can tie her up and play with her at their own discretion. After a few more months of being used as a sex slave, Mondo 64 will auction off Ri Ri and replaced her with a new girl, starting the cycle all over again.

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Ri Ri hates her life and all the men that abuse her, but there’s really nothing she can do about it. Putting up a fight has only resulted in painful torture and demoralizing humiliation, so Ri Ri has learned not to resist at all. By behaving obediently, Ri Ri had hoped to gain favor with her masters, but the plan has failed. It’s this submissiveness of hers that makes her the perfect sex slave. While the painful tortures that left her body bruised and broken have stopped, the mental torment of having her body sold to as many as 10 clients a day is a whole new hell she’s unable to endure. Being tied up, fucked relentlessly, and creampied by three men at a time is just as bad as the physical punishment she’s trying to avoid by being obedient in the first place.

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Ri Ri will continue to endure the physical and mental pain that all Japanese sex slaves have had to endure. For the rest of her life she will be nothing but a prisoner being tortured and embarrassed repeatedly for her owners amusement. Eventually her mind and her body will both break and Ri Ri will become and limp rag doll with no emotions left inside. Even then guys will still pay top dollar to use her body like comatose fuck doll. But don’t feel bad for Ri Ri, I’m sure she probably deserves it anyway.

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