Japanese Kidnapping Victim Forced To Orgasm

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There is nothing better than “fresh meat” and there’s a basement sex dungeon in Japan with the freshest selection to choose from. By “meat”, we of course mean “girls,” and the place to find them is in the underground Mondo64 studios. M64 is constantly browsing the streets of Tokyo looking for new victims to kidnap and turn into sex slaves. A girl walking alone at night, like Saori here, makes an ideal target for a kidnapping. Not only is she vulnerable by her lonesome, but her good looks are just what to average Mondo64 clientele is looking for. Saori’s abduction happens in the blink of an eye. Standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change a black van pulls up next to her. The side door of the van suddenly opens and two men reach out and pull Saori inside. The doors slam shut and chloroform rag is held of Saori’s face as the van takes off down the street.

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When Saori awakens from her chloroform slumber, she finds herself bound by rope to a section of chain linked fence. The ropes restraining her elbows and wrists keep her hands above her head, and the ropes on her ankles, knees, thighs are keeping he legs spread wide open. Completely helpless, Saori knows she has no way to defend herself from what will happen next. Suddenly a door opens and a group of men enter the room with an assortment of camera’s and sex toys. Saori’s body begins to quiver as fear takes over her mind. The sex toys begin to buzz and the group of men all approach her with a smile on their faces.

Mondo64 Case File 114 Saori 11 Mondo64 Case File 114 Saori 12 Mondo64 Case File 114 Saori 13 Mondo64 Case File 114 Saori 14

These Mondo64 staffers are highly experienced in their craft and waste no time getting down to business. The begin to tear at Saori’s clothing while aggressively grinding the vibrators all over her body. The more Saori screams and tries to resist, the more violent and insulting her attackers become. The ultimate goal is break Saori’s will and leave her without any hope of seeing freedom, effectively making her an obedient slave. The Mondo64 perverts keep groping and violating Saori’s body until she’s forcibly made to orgasm in front of them. Completely horrified at her bodies reaction, the nightmare is still far from over. These perverts are going to keep toying with Saori and making her orgasm until she passes out… then they’ll tie her up in a new position, wake her up, and start the process all over again.

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