Uncensored Japanese Bondage Photos Of Yukina Mori

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Whenever a new victim arrives at Mondo64 studios she’s immediately tied up,  stripped down, and given a thorough inspection. Yukina Mori has the misfortune of being the catch of the day, now she’s about to experience this humiliating exam process first hand. With her hands tied above her head, Yukina is unable to defend herself as three men grope her body and tear at her clothing. Her pretty blue dress and lace underwear are soon shredded tatters that no longer cover her exposed body. By looks alone, Yukina appears to be the definition of Japanese beauty, but further inspection is required. The next part of the examination is designed to humiliate and break a woman while collecting data about her body.

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Yukina Mori first gets her breasts measured and then groped to determine their size and firmness. Now she fells the uncomfortable sensation of a hand in rubber gloves sliding up her thighs. She closes her legs as tight together as she can, but to no avail. Two fingers force their way inside her vagina and start to explore her inner works. As Yukina Mori cries, screams, and struggles, the man fingering her takes note of how tight and wet her pussy is. Now it’s time to move along to final, and most emotionally devastating part of her inspection. The Mondo64 crew now must determine how resistant Yukina Mori can be, and how much stimulation it takes to break her.

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A loud buzzing noise now resonates throughout the room, it’s the sound of multiple vibrating sex toys. With her arms still tied above her head, two men grab each of her legs and spread them open. Now dangling in the air in a spread eagle position, the inspection of Yukina Mori enters its final stage. A large vibrating pink dildo is forced inside of her unwilling pussy as other vibrators tease her nipples. Trying to resist her bodies natural reaction to stimulation, Yukina screams and awkward squirms around. Crystal clear fluid starts to drip from her vagina as her body goes into convulsions. Yukina is so horrified by being made to orgasm against her will that she passes out. Now just an unconscious rag doll, the Mondo64 crew continue to play with  Yukina Mori’s limp body.

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