Japanese Abduction Victim Tortured With Sex Toys

Mondo64 Case File 043 Yuna Aikawa 01See Yuna Aikawa Abducted And Violated In This Bondage Gallery.

Yuna Aikawa is a pretty Japanese woman who is down on her luck. Sinking beneath a wave of mounting financial problems, Yuna has recently resorted to prostitution to make ends meet. While she has already made a decent amount of money in her first week, she also caught the attention of a Mondo64 scout. After being proposition one evening, Yuna follows a patron to a local pay by the hour hotel. She is served a mixed drink and before she knows it, Yuna begins feeling dizzy and weak. Being a self employed hooker, she has no pimp to rely on for help, worst yet she’s kept her prostitution a secret from her friends and family, so nobody know’s for certain where to look if she goes missing. Mounting panic and the fear of what her fate may be haunts Yuna’s thoughts as she looses consciousness.

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When Yuna Aikawa awakens from her haze, she’s no longer in the sleazy hotel room she’s accustom to doing business in. Yuna is now bound up in the grungy and dark basement studio of the underground conglomerate Mondo64. With her arms tied above her head by the wrists and her leg suspended in midair, Yuna knows she’s in a dire situation with very little hope. Instead of being a self sufficient prostitute, Yuna is now facing a new and more dreadful path in her life journey. Yuna is about to be inducted in Mondo64’s rotation of beautiful women turned in to obedient sex slaves.

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Before Yuna Aikawa’s body can be put up for auction, she needs to be stripped down and broken in during her first PPV stream. This gives prospective buyers of her services a chance to examine her body and how she reacts under stress. A lot of Mondo64 clients love the new girls because they scream and squirm around while being sexually violated. Other clients prefer their women to be silent, broken, and obedient, which is the state most women are in when Mondo64 sells them entirely or puts them out to pasture. Yuna Aikawa’s decision to use prostitution to escape a low point in her life has ultimately lead her down the path of being a used as a bondage sex slave for as long as her looks can hold out.

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