Yuzu Nana’s Forced Orgasm BDSM Torture

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The recruitment team for Mondo 64 is getting braver than ever before. Typically known for kidnapping their victims at night, they’re now brazen enough to abduct Japanese women in broad daylight. Today they’re stationed outside of an apartment complex, waiting for their next target to return home from a shopping excursion. Sitting in a black box van, the Mondo 64 team waits patiently until Yuzu Nana returns home. As she stands in front of her apartment door searching through her purse for her keys, the Mondo 64 crew snaps into action. Sneak up behind the distracted Yuzu, they grab her and drags her inside of their van. The tires squeal as the kidnappers leave the scene of their crime completely unnoticed.

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Injected with a needle full of drugs, the van ride is nothing but a blur to Yuzu Nana. When she finally regains her senses, she’s horrified to find herself tied up in a strange location. The three men that drugged and abducted her are now circling her like a flock of vultures. Yuzu begs them to release her, but they’ve got other more nefarious plans for the young Asian woman. One of the men grabs a small handheld camcorder while the other two put on latex gloves. With Yuzu’s arms tied behind her back and her legs spread eagle, she’s completely helpless against what is about to happen next.

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Two of the men pull Yuzu Nana’s panties to the side, exposing her trimmed little pussy. The men begin the explore her vaginal orifice with their fingers as she screams out in horror. While one man is finger banging her pussy into a wet mess, the other man is rummaging through a box of filthy sex toys. The man with the box smiles as he pulls out four different sex devices and lays them out on a table in front of Yuzu. She begins to cry as she looks at the sex toys sitting on the table next to her. Yuzu realizes her ordeal is only just beginning. The sick ass perverts of Mondo 64 are only getting started, they going to play with Yuza’s body all day and all night long. They won’t stop assaulting this poor woman until they force her to orgasm herself unconscious.

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