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Kinbaku Bukkake and Gokkun

Real Japanese Bondage

Kinky Japanese juujun is tied up by her Kinbakushi. Willing sex slave submits to her masters sexual desires. She’s bound tightly in dark sex dungeon, she’s violated and humiliated over and over again. A sick group of perverts gather around to cum on a helpless girls face. This video combines 3 of Japanese sickest sex acts! 1 Bondage, tied up woman. 2 Bukkake, massive cum facials from multiple men. 3. Gokkun, eating massive amounts of cum. Japanese dorei gets extreme cum facial, the cum is gathered in a glass bowl. She is forced to swallow the cum of all her abusers. Torturous rope bondage, nawasemeku.

Asanawa Gyaku-Ebi Tsuri Kinbaku Juujun

Juujun Tsuri Kinbaku

Need some help deciphering the title of this post? Maybe it’s time for some Japanese language lessons.

Asanawa = Hemp Rope
Gyaku-Ebi = Face Down, Hogtied
Tsuri = Suspension
Kinbaku = Bondage
Juujun = Obedient, Slave

I hope you can remember these words, and feel a little bit smarter now. Let’s just sum up what were seeing here in English. A submissive Japanese girl is hogtied suspended and getting her throat fucked… that doesn’t sound as sophisticated as “Asanawa Gyaku-Ebi Tsuri Kinbaku Juujun” does it? Haha!! Enjoy yet another awesome Japanese bondage video!

Humiliated Sex Slave Drinks Masters Piss

Humiliated Girl Gets Pissed On

Total degradation! A bound Japanese girl is used like a toilet. Tied up girl is laying on the floor with her mouth wide open. Her master pulls out his dick and pisses in her mouth. Open mouth golden showers on a Jujun girl. Kinbaku and urine make for total female humiliation. Sex slave forced to swallow hot piss from her masters cock.

Man Uses Suspended Girl As A Swing

Torture Victim Screams And Faints

Poor abused Japanese girl screams in pain. She dangles from ceiling, bound by her arms and legs. She thinks she’s experienced real torment. Then her master comes in and stands on her stomach. Stretching her arms and legs even further. She’s in extreme pain, she screams for mercy, but if falls on deaf ears. He uses her like a human swing, swaying across the room. She can’t take anymore punishment, she lets out one more blood curdling shriek, and faints.

Real Japanese Nawa Shibari Kinbaku

Real Japanese Bondage

Sexy Japanese woman suffers in a bondage den. Tortured with tightly bound ropes and burning hot wax. Helpless sex slaves are viciously punished, tightly bound by their nawa-shi. Shibaru master leaves rope burns on his sexy captured victims. Savage, raw, and brutal Japanese bondage movies. Hardcore Kinbaku movies imported from Japan. This is real Japanese bondage!

Japanese Shibari Real Suspension Kinbaku

Karada Slave Hanging From Rafters

Sexy Jujun beauty is suspended in the air by ropes. Rope shibari on lovely Japanese sex slaves. Cute girls are bound and violated by sex crazed perverts. See a helpless girl in a karada rope harness dangling from the ceiling by Tsuri. Japanese AV Idol’s submit to rope fantasy perversions. Real Japanese Kinbaku videos. Download full lenght DVD titles now!

Japanese Water Wheel Torture Device

Tied Asian Victims Submerged In Water

Now be careful, you don’t want to drown the bitch. Just scare the shit out of her and make her a willing Asian fuck doll. When your victim is very resilient you have to break out your most extreme devices. Tie her tightly to a water wheel and spin her in a pool of water. Laugh as she gasps for breathe between being submerged. I don’t care how strong her will is, she’s going to spread her pussy over dying. She’ll know who’s boss when she’s upside down with her head underwater. Your sick and sadistic and her fear will make her submit. Nothing is more extreme then Japanese water wheel torture!

Sex Slave Gets Her Face Rubbed In Piss

Asian Sex Slave Piss Slut

This naughty Japanese girl endured hours of hot wax torture, but she finally broke. Tears ran down her face as she pissed herself and fell into a heap on the floor. Bitch! How dare you piss on your masters floor? Just like a bad a dog her face gets rubbed in her own piss. She screams as her hair mops up the warm golden fluid. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished then seeing a slave piss herself. After the puddle of piss gets soaked up by her long black hair, the hot wax torture resumes. This sex slave has a long night ahead of her.