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Asian Slave Nanami Komachi Bound And Blinfolded

JAV Fuck Slave Nanami Komachi

Who wouldn’t want their own little Japanese slave to break? Wouldn’t it be hot to violated an innocent girl until she broke and turned into your very own personal slut? Nanami Komachi is bound by a sadistic madman, blindfolded she is unaware of who is dominating her. Wont it be a surprise when she finally gets to see it’s her horny coworker who has abducted and forced himself on her. He couldn’t break the ice in the office, so he kidnapped her and broke her will. The tears run down Nanami Komachi with each trust of his cock. Her pussy is violently penetrated over and over again until she can’t respond anymore. Nanami Komachi is left a shell of herself, just another mindless fuck toy in this sex freaks collection.