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A Bound Japanese Girl Gets Assaulted With Sex Toys

Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 01See Sixteen Photos Of Rika In Uncensored Bondage Here.

Is there anything better than seeing a hot Japanese girl being tied up and sexually violated? The crew of Mondo 64 would without a doubt answer that question with a “no.” After all, the money funding Mondo 64’s underground empire is made entirely from the broadcasting of women being sexually violated on internet PPV’s.  Thousands of Japanese men log into the secret M64 servers every night to see the latest victims being humiliated, molested, and tortured for their viewing pleasure. With their basement sex dungeon overflowing with beautiful kidnapping victims, Mondo 64’s empire will undoubtedly continue the grow at the expense of their victims.

Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 03 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 04 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 05 Mondo64 Case File 116 Rika 06

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