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Abused Oriental Sex Slaves Cry For Mercy

Japanese Slave Gets Cained

This resilient slave refused to suck her masters cock, wrong move! Now she finds herself tied to the ceiling with a dirty rag shoved in her mouth. Soon her master returns with a thick bamboo stick, now the real punishment begins. This helpless Japanese girl is getting 50 brutal lashes across the back. her screams are muffled the pain and humiliation in her eyes is real. Brutally beaten without mercy, think welts for across her back. Now she understands who’s the master and who’s the worthless fuck rag.

Rope And Bamboo Japanese Bondage

Sexy Japanese Girl Tied To Bamboo

Want a little more bamboo in your bondage videos? Today’s shibari brings you a cute Japanese slave tied tight to a bamboo restraining device. Jujun slave girl is ball gagged and bound to a bamboo torture rack . This sexy little jap girls squirms as her nipples and breasts are pinched with cloth pins . Your going to love this newest video release from the Asian Ropes website.

Crying Japanese Student Is Sexually Abused

Bound Asian School Girl Tortured

Oh my, what did this little Japanese schoolgirl do wrong? She certainly is receiving a harsh punishment for it, isn’t she? First, she gets dragged into a dark damp basement with her arms are bound tightly behind her back. Then a mysterious man in sunglasses starts to fondle her young body, as he slowly tears away at her school uniform. Exposed and humiliated, she unable to escape as the creep who captured her slides his fingers inside her tight young pussy. Not satisfied with just molesting her, the sinister man tortures her with hot candle wax , and savagely whips her firm little ass with a cane.